To Have & To Lose - Mireia Sallarès

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The exhibition by Mireia Sallarès – an artist from Barcelona – „To Have & To Lose” concerns such issues as sexuality, violence, identity and existence. In her three projects combined with video projections, neons, lightboxes and photographies, the artist presents the stories about the random women's destiny and the fact that each of thoes women create their own identity with reference to the social structures. In her works she is concentrated on a woman from Algeria and her mobile pizza place (Zahii's Cart. The Conversations after Lost Paradise), a young Spanish woman who tries to apply for American residency visa (My Model's Visa II) and Native Mexicans whose sexuality is associated with a pleasure but at the same time provokes the attacks from the goverment cultivating a macho attitude (Las Muertes Chiquitas/Little Deaths). The catalogue designed by Spanish prestige Folch Studio is made of a cardboard envelope, the set of postcards, a folded poster and a information folder with the reprints of the works and critical texts written by the curator of that exhibition – Moritz Neumüller, as well as Mireia Sallarès and Beatriz Herráez.
Editing:Anna Szynwelska
Publisher:LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk 2009 r.
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