Laznia - the Bathhouse. Architecture, Art and History

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The publication edited by Paweł Leszkowicz was published in order to celebrate Laznia Center for Contemporary Art 10th Anniversary. The book has interdisciplinary character  and covers the history of art, architecture, city and customs. The aim of the book is to preserve and present the unique history of that place in cultural history of the City of Gdansk and contemporary art in Poland. The structure of the publication shows the complex history of the actions that took place in the building on 1 Jaskółcza Street in Gdansk. The book is divided in two main parts: the first one treats about the former City Bathouse, the second one – about Laznia as an artistic space and Centre for Contemporary Art. Since 1992 the Former City Bathhouse in Lower Town in Gdańsk was a place for independent artistic actions of artists from Gdańsk who w 1998 roku led to the opening of the  institution – Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art. In 2008 Laznia CCA celebrated its 10th Year Anniversary as a cultural institution. But that's not all. The historic building on 1 Jaskółcza Street was open as a City Bathhouse in 1908 therefore a year 2008 is also its 100th Anniversary. We present you the book which covers for the first time the history of Laznia CCA. Laznia is shown as a complex place: a building, a City Bathhouse, an independent art center ruled by the artist and as a public institution.
Editing:Paweł Leszkowicz
Publisher:LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk 2008 r.
Data:pages 296, format: 16,5x23,5 cm.
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