Nomads of Nowadays

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The catalogue includes a text on the subject of the phenomenon of mobility – travelling and moving of people as something characteristic of the global era society. The authors attempt to answer the following questions: How far does the phenomenon of mobility on a large scale and breaking up the permanent bond between a man and a place enrich our knowledge about other cultures we encounter on the way? How far does the mobility result in a feeling of alienation from the surroundings? How much does it increase our tolerance towards ‘alien’ and to what extent does it lead to the withdrawal to the closest circle of people similar to us. Is multiculturalism or cultural homogeneity the effect of everyday meetings of people coming from various cultures? To what extent does our awareness of our temporary place of residence make us change our attitude towards our own habitat?
Editing:Agnieszka Wołodźko
Publisher:LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk 2006 r.
Data:pages 70, format: 26 x 21 cm.
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