Love and Democracy

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The catalogue includes a critical text on the subject of the ‘Love and Democracy’ exhibition and its description. Richly illustrated with reproductions of artworks. The book and the accompanying ‘Love and Democracy’ exhibition constitute the discovery of a suppressed Polish heritage in the works of contemporary artists. They are also a response to the social conflicts and a prohibited, customary pluralism in our country. ‘Love and Democracy’ is a book about artistic, love and sexual freedom and diversity of the opposition towards nationalist intolerance and censorship. It’s also an attempt to raise the subject of art as a mixture of aesthetics, eroticism, humanism and human rights. Presented art uncovers life in various systems of identity and relationships. The art transcends singular perspective on love – from the point of view of only one orientation or sex. What you can find there are numerous love stories and multiple narrations of sexuality – various ideas of femininity and masculinity.
Editing:Paweł Leszkowicz, Robert Rumas, Maugo Domańska
Publisher:LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdańsk 2006 r.
Data:pages 230, format: 17 x 18 cm.
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