Re: Location 1-7 Shake cz. 2

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This catalog includes a summary of the project “Re: Location 1-7 / Shake” that all together presented the works by over 110 artists from 24 countries and organized 21 exhibitions in 3 years. The idea of the exhibition “Re: Location 1 - 7 / Shake” has its origin in a desire to create a new canon of the artistic exchange in Europe. The particular exhbitions inaugurates a rich and fruitful dialogue between artists, curators and audience.
Editing:Laure Faber
Publisher:Casino Luxembourg-Forum d’art contemporain, Centrul International pentru Arta Contemporana & Muzeul National de Arta Contemporana & Fundatia ArtStudio, Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej „Łaźnia”, Galeria Jana Koniarka, Halle fur Kunst, migros museum f
Data:pages 124, format: 18 x 27 cm.
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