Towards the third culture The Co - Existence of Art, Science and Technology

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The contemporary forms of relations between art and science may be perceived and interpreted in the context of the 20th Century’s discussions on the transformations of culture, which received momentum and publicity as a result of the intervention of C.P. Snow in 1959. Snow […] noted the deepening indifference […] between the world of traditional culture founded on the values of the humanities and the world of science, which focuses mainly on cognitive values. […] The postulated way of overcoming the perceived conflict has received its name in Snow’s discourse of “the third culture”. This term came about in 1964 […]. At that time however, it had an abstract nature, not filled with clear content. Snow […] indicated only an undefined group of social science researchers that would be a beginning of the emerging third culture, thus giving hope of overcoming the otherness dividing the humanities and science. One can argue that Snow did not propose the notion of the third culture but only the term and very general conceptual framework, opening the field for further reflection. He also proposed something very important, namely the perspective of intercultural dialogue as a platform on which the third culture should be formed.
Editing:Ryszard W. Kluszczyński
Publisher:National Centre for Culture, Warszawa 2011 In collaboration with Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art
Data:Paperback, illustrated; 188 pages; dimentsons 23,5x16,5 cm.
Language:Polish / English
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