54º 4 min. Thorsten Goldberg

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The 54º 4 min. catalogue tells about imaginary trips to paradisiacal worlds and places marked by nostalgia. It presents the rich body of work of a specialist in art in public spaces, Thorsten Goldberg, a German artist living in Berlin. The book contains texts by the art critics Martin Hentasch and Eulalia Domanowska, analyzing the extremely varied works of this German artist, including a light installation on the Oberbaum Bridge, a cloud in the courtyard of the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection in Berlin, and a project along a tram line in Bergen, Norway. The Director of the Łaźnia Centre for Contemporary Art, Jadwiga Charzyńska, will show a project the artist has designed for Gdańsk.
Thorsten Goldberg’s work represents an important contribution to the development of art in public spaces, and has included a wide range of artistic reflections, from a utopian Land of Milk and Honey and virtual voyages to distant islands, to clouds that the artist brings to the ground.
Editing:Martin Henatsch, Nicole F. Loeser
Publisher:Distanz Verlag, 2012
Data:143 pages, ilustrated, dimensions 20,5 x 29 cm
Language:Polish / German / English
ISBN:ISBN 978-3-942405-78-2
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