ŁAŹNIA 1 ŁAŹNIA 2 Call for Artists] CICA New Media Art 2016: The 2nd International Exhibition and Publication on New Media Art

Call for Artists] CICA New Media Art 2016: The 2nd International Exhibition and Publication on New Media Art

CICA Museum invites new media artists worldwide to participate in a series of exhibitions and our publication. The selected artists will showcase their work(s) for two weeks at the CICA Museum art gallery and will be featured in the book ” New Media Art 2016.” The work(s) will also be featured on the CICA Museum website and social media.
A series of exhibitions will take place throughout 2016. Three to six new media works will be installed every other week. Each work will be exhibited for two weeks.
*This year’s categories include:
-Single Channel Video & Animation
-New Media Installations
-Interactive Art
-Game Art
-Web Art
-Mobile App
-Art and Social Media
-Art and Mass Media
-Data Visualization
-3D Printing
-Performance (Addressing Media Related Issues)
*Electronic Devices:
We will provide a projector, DVD player, laptop, or/and monitor for the show. If you would like to install more than one work or to use more than two projectors/monitors, additional fee may apply.
*Installation & Shipping:
If you are unable to personally install your digital work, our curators & assistants will install your work according to your installation guidelines. If you have objects other than digital files, you will need to ship them at your own expense.
[Publication] “New Media Art 2016”
The book “New Media Art 2016” will be released in the United States and Korea in 2016. Each artist will be featured in four pages of the book. The article may include any form of text (e.g., interview, essay, poetry), drawings, and pictures that introduces the artists’ works. Each artist will also be introduced through the CICA Museum website and social media.
October 15, 2015 Open Submissions
October 31, 2015 Close Early Submissions
November 21, 2015 Close Regular Submissions
December 7, 2015 Approvals: Selected artists will be notified by email.
December 15, 2015 Completion and Return of the Exhibition & Publishing Agreement Form, Fee Payment
January 1, 2016 – December 25, 2016 Exhibition Series
September 5, 2016 Expected publication date of “New Media Art 2016”
*The dates are subject to change.

Więcej informacji: www.cicamuseum.com/call-for-artists-cica-new-media-art-2016/

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