LAZNIA 1 2001 - AMS Open Gallery OUTDOORS
Curators: Marek Krajewski, Lechosław Olszewski

An exhibition of artistic actions which can rarely be seen in art galleries, as their proper place of emergence is the city space, or they function outside the artistic mainstream. The show included artistic and socially committed posters, graffiti, stencil, sticker art, manipulated adverts and the documentation of artistic actions which took place in the urban space. The works were exposed on a 100-metre-long fence installed in Laznia’s building, and the idea of their arrangement was an attempt at reconstructing the visual experience as it accompanies us in city life. The exhibition was not of a documentary character, it rather aimed at indicating the vitality, variety and richness of form and contents of these creative symptoms which use the street, the city, city transportation and the public space as their medium or topic.
Municipal Institution of Culture