LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 2016 - Postcard from a city
CCA Laznia in Gdansk announces the result of the  open call for artists to take part in the project “Postcard from a city” being a part of international project “Heroes we love” supported by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.
Diana Larrea (Spain) and Angelina Merenkova (Russian Federation) have been selected by CCA Łaźnia to receive support for the realisation of new projects in the frames of “Postcard from a city” which is part of European project “Heroes We Love”. Their projects will take place in June 2016. 
Diana Larrea  works in various disciplines such as installation, video, photography, and drawing. Although she is best known for her interventions and performances in public spaces. Through her urban art projects, Larrea has always focused her interest on the guerrilla action and on the desire to provoke minor disruptions in the everyday lives. Her works raise questions related to the use of public space and the intrusion of certain types of disorder into it.
Larrea is interested  in art in its social context. She prefers the practices that open up debates and rifts within the dominant monolithic discourses. She has concentrated on icons, which have been turned by society into cultural paradigms.
Angelina Merenkova raise questions about the Soviet legacy if is still relevant nowadays and what parts of it would continue. What has become of the old mythology, the heroic epos? What lies under the military conflicts that occur right now? What happened to the parts of the all-uniting project after the heart of its existence failed?
Children of the Socialist space, we were born with the belief that at the very least, we will soon be exploring new planets and galaxies. But the State, whose main ideological goal was always postponed into the future, collapsed. All the hopes that the regime’s ideology has created continue living, though not as a possible future, but as a phantom pain,
a desire, hidden deep in the subconscious.
A.    Merenkova
“Postcards from a city” is part of the international project “Heroes We Love. Ideology, Identity and Socialist Art in New Europe”, supported by the European program Creative Europe 2014−2020.
Diana Larrea, Let’s fall in LOVE!, interwencja artystyczna/urban intervention, carpet, 2007
Angelina Merenkova, Szyldy w Doniecku/Donetsk Shop Signs, seria fotografii/series of photos, 2015
Municipal Institution of Culture