LAZNIA 1 2001 - Pasi Mann (Finland) THE RACE
Curator: Małgorzata Taraszkiewicz-Zwolicka

A project tackling the issue of the utility of humans in the contemporary world. The artist, regarding the alienation and unproductiveness of the unemployed as the causes of criminogenic behaviour, constructed a utopian tale of the returnng to society of the lawbreakers living on its margins. The lack of opportunities of self-realisation, concerning most of all the young people regardless of the country they live in, inclines them often to involve in unethical action. The Race was an artistic suggestion of a solution to this problem. Mann undertook the role of the mediator, who, by offering employment to the potential “delinquents” – the unemployed – brought them back to society. Their work
consisted in acquiring energy which was then utilised by the audience. Indispensable for the realisation of the project, the interaction between the representatives of various social groups had its significance here. It was the creating of a direct dialogue, combined with the discreetly concealed exposition of interpersonal relations – the relations which in daily life are saturated rather with hostility than with accord.
Municipal Institution of Culture