LAZNIA 1 2016 - Ojun - a concert within the IN PROGRESS project
Ojun (Poland)
10th June.2016 (Friday), 8.00 p.m.
Free entry
Curator: Michal Porwet
Ojun is a musical duo of Adrian Piasecki and Adam Frankiewicz. Their sets are based on constant improvisations and rhythm The core idea has been inspired by the cultures of native Uralic and Altaic tribes living in the severe lands of post-Soviet North. The starting point was to explore the culture of shamanism and spiritualism within the harsh reality of today's post-Soviet countries. In order to achieve this, they used very simple set up consisting of an old Soviet monophonic synthesizer Aelita, drummachine and a couple of effects.

photo Darek Pietraszewski
Municipal Institution of Culture