LAZNIA 1 2016 - Daniel Voigt - a concert within the IN PROGRESS project
3ed of September 2016 (Saturday), 8.00 p.m.
curator: Michał Porwet
In frames of IN PROGRESS with great pleasure we announce concert by Daniel Vogt. Free entry.
Daniel Voigt is a sound artist from Frankfurt am Main. Augmented by effect pedals & mixer treatments Daniel Voigt blends a Musique Concrète approach (cutting up tapes and looping sounds with the help of several walkmen) with the cosmic aesthetics of Krautrock to make his sounds like a love child of Delia Derbyshire and Klaus Schulze. He toured in the UK, Japan and Europe and released on various international tape labels, such as Digitalis, Hobo Cult, Skell LLC & Cosmic Winnetou. Voigt is also the man behind the SicSic Tape label, a home port for a lot of outer limits travelers that are sharing the vision for deep zoned-out sounds & DIY culture.
His current live setup is kind of a dronescape-travelogue combining recordings from the fields with accidental cut-up tape sounds. Notes from the area of imperfect memory.


photo Rolf Schoellkopf
Municipal Institution of Culture