LAZNIA 2 2016 - ”New Generation – SIZAK”. Exhibition of Korean photography
ul.Strajku Dokerów 5, Gdańsk - NOWY PORT
Opening 17.06.2016, 6 p.m.
Curator: Kyungwoo Chun
Coordination: Olga Jankowska,  Youngdon Jung
„New Generation – SIZAK”  opens the next page of Korean contemporary photography and presents the artistic work of eight most talented new wave Korean photographers. The exhibition features the photographs taken by means of the latest experimental techniques as well as works created based on classical techniques and inspired by historical photographs.

In addition, a collective project Hommagination (2014) will be presented in which the artists moved away from occidental esthetics and trends to confront traditional Korean photography in quest of inspiration, new meanings and their own origins. The exhibition will include the work of the following photographers: Ari Kim, Bora Sung, Chankyu Kim, Hyungsik Kim, Jaeyeon Kim, Taejoong Kim, Jungjin Ahn, Taejun Yoon, Youngdon Jung.
The exhibition was held first by the Museum of Photography in Seoul meanwhile Łaźnia Centre is the first European intitution that will host this event which will be curated by a world-famous photographer and lecturer Kyungwoo Chun.
Municipal Institution of Culture