2016 - The City Speaks
The City Speaks
This year the Outdoor Gallery of Gdansk invites you for a series of free walking tours in historic and picturesque districts of Gdansk. Altogether with the charismatic tour leader and the author of the project, Karolina Pochwatka, we will explore various sites, learn their history and get to know the unique soul each of them possess. Apart from well known stories our tour leader will share local legends she knows and will explain the spontaneous changes that take place in these areas thanks to theirs inhabitants.
May 14th - Śródmieście (Downtown)
June 4th - Biskupia Górka
June 25th - Orunia Górna
July 9th - Wrzeszcz Górny
July 23rd - Dolne Miasto
For information concerning the meeting time and meeting points see our facebook fanpage or  http://outdoorgallerygdansk.eu/. 
Municipal Institution of Culture