LAZNIA 2 2016 - TTransPORT - Performative reading, site-specific action
Within her artistic residency in Laznia 2 Centre for Contemporary Art in Nowy Port a Danish artist Tanja Nellemann Poulsen is implementing a multi-stage project focused on the theme of exile and migration in historical and contemporary times. Through several workshops carried out in cooperation with a writer Barbara Piórkowska and teachers Anna Warzecha and Emilia Senczyszyn-Karolewicz, the group of youngsters from a junior high school in Gdansk have developed a manuscript, dealing with the subject of migration, longing and the general movement of people for better working and social conditions as well as political welfare. The project partners are II Podstawowo - Gimnazjalny Zespół Szkół Społecznych STO and Port Gdańsk. The project is financed by Danish Cultural Institute and Danish Arts Foundation.

TransPORT invites you on board our new trip. We are on the edge of another time period where we have to reconsider labour and production from a totally different perspective. As taking departure from The Industrial Age and going into the future, the global digital connectedness means global dependence. No nation can address the challenges of this technological global gearshift alone as it undermines the national state sovereignty and calls for the new transborder cooperation and requires new global stories. We are in a transit area (the departure hall) where we are searching for new meanings in the past and present migration situation and are looking for new global stories - told to us, for and with the new generation.
Municipal Institution of Culture