LAZNIA 1 2001 - Edward Dwurnik MY SINS
Curator: Bożena Czubak

An overview of the artistic oeuvre of Edward Dwurnik from the 1990s. In the first part, the exhibition featured 15 paintings from the series Counting from the years 1996–1999. The second part encompassed 11 paintings from the series Romantics, the portrait series started in 1986: the outstanding personages of Polish art and literature, like Józef Czapski, Czesław Miłosz, Andrzej Szczypiorski and Wisława Szymborska, as seen by Edward Dwurnik. The third part of the exhibition included the pictures from the series Blue (1992–1996), being painterly marine landscapes, a surprising shift in Dwurnik’s art. The exhibition was concluded by a painting introducing the next transformation of his art – an abstract picture from the series Twenty–Fifth.
Municipal Institution of Culture