LAZNIA 2 2017 Collaboration with Sigrids Stue from Denmark
Collaboration with Sigrids Stue in Denmark
Sigrids Stue
Platform for Contemporary Art
Gellerup – Aarhus – Denmark
Sigrids Stue is a platform for contemporary art based in the neighborhood  Gellerup, Aarhus, Denmark. Sigrids Stue develops collaborations with both local, national and international partners.
In 2016 /17 they are working on the long-term collaborative artist in residence project that include independent international artists / curators and the art institutions PASAJ from Istanbul, ZK/U – Center for Art and Urbanistik, Berlin and LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art in Gdansk. The project is given the work title ‘Layers of Identity / Identity at Stake’ and is a project that critically examine how artists, curators - and local residents can create opportunities and 'spaces' for common action, impact and influence in the huge urban development and revitalization going on in the district these years. Gellerup is a multicultural housing area with more that 75 different nationalities represented.
Sigrids Stue also host a local cross-disciplinary Artist Network and run a ‘drawing school’ for children in the district and is  located in a 3 floor apartment in the area plus a wooden pavillon located also in the very center of Gellerup. Sigrid Stue is run by Danish artist Grete Aagaard, who collaborates with Laznia CCA from many years, with the project ‘Neighbourhood Remarks’ in the rames of Artists in Residence Program.
On behalf of Laznia CCA, a Polish artist Monika Drożyńska was invited, who will conduct her research visit in Aarhus in October 2016 and then return for production visit in summer of 2017.
Due to the sudden and unforeseen situation, the residency project of Monika Drożyńska will not take place. Kamila Szejnoch, whose stay in Aarhus was scheduled in May and June, was invited to the project.
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