LAZNIA 1 2016 - Ghosts of Breslau / Nowa Ziemia / Przed Państwem RARA (PL) - a concert within the In Progress project
17.12.2016 (Saturday), 7.00 p.m.
ŁAŹNIA 1 CAA, Gdańsk, 1  Jaskółcza Street
Free entry
Curator: Michał Porwet
Ghosts Of Breslau is an electronic/ambient project of Patryk Balawender. Started in Wrocław in 2001, on early records the main focus was on soundscapes evoking spirit of difficult history of the city. As a result a “trilogy” of albums was released: “Peste”, “And Should The Spring Come…” and “Sacred Place”.
After longer hiatus GOB returned in 2013 with “Drowned City EP” that marks new, more drone-oriented direction for the band, followed with “Man With The Green Gloves” in early 2016. Ghosts Of Breslau’s music was released by labels in Poland, Spain, Argentina and China. Additionally Patryk under the moniker Hands Like Clouds recorded and album “Mountain King”, a collaboration with Portuguese neofolk band Joy Of Nature.

Picture: Bezpańska (Anna Szczepańska), Oskar Szramka, Natalia Skonieczna
Nowa Ziemia was founded in the autumn of 2013 by Artur Krychowiak associated with God's Own Prototype. This is experimental music without strict rules - guitar compositions penetrating drone, noise and ambient areas, often played with a bow. So far two albums have been released “Trajektorie” i “Sceneria”.
Przed Państwem Rara was founded on the ashes of Hotel Kosmos as a solo project of Rafał Skonieczny. Following the release of the first album - Planet Death Architecture (CD – Nasiono Records, MC – Złe Litery, 2015) and the critically acclaimed concert at SpaceFest 2015, Rara began oparating as a trio with Mikołaj Zieliński (Alameda 5, T’ien Lai) i Michał Pszczółkowski. The three recorded the next album entitled W// \ TR (Zoharum, 2016) with guest appearances by Kuba Ziołek (Stara Rzeka) i Ola Bilińska (Berjozkele) - an album was built on acoustic guitar loops evoking echoes of world music and cold wave avant -pop.
Currently Rara performes in different guises - both solo and as a trio, but also in larger configurations presenting a broad spectrum of experimental and psychedelic music.
The concert at CSW Łaźnia initiates a new chapter in Rara explorations. It will be a solo performance based entirely on electronic sounds and analogue modulations; however, still in the spirit of interplanetary folk.
Municipal Institution of Culture