In the framework of the annual Vilnius – Gdańsk cooperation and Vilnius in Gdansk festival, LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art initiates contemporary art exchanges between Lithuanian and Polish art scenes. In 2015 LAZNIA CCA invited curator Ūla Tornau from the Contemporary Art Centre in Vilnius to compile a program of international artist residencies that would evolve into an exhibition at LAZNIA CCA in summer of 2017. The curator invited artists whose practices were distinguished by an intense and diverse relation to urban space to stay in Gdańsk for their chosen period of research residencies during the run of the year 2015 and 2016. Most of the artists had been working in and with Vilnius earlier on, whereas the residency in Gdańsk was proposed as a specific time and mental state generated by the city and the particular changing physical environments of both LAZNIA CCA locations that could possibly become a starting point for a new work in the exhibition in 2017. The coming exhibition will include many new works dedicated for LAZNIA CCA and its spatial contexts.
Artists: Kipras Dubauskas (Lithuania), Laurent Dupont (Belgium), Habima Fuchs (Czech Republic), Duonis-Donatas Jankauskas (Lithuania), Morten Larsen (Norway), Kalin Lindena (Germany), Mirjam Wirz (Switzerland).
Municipal Institution of Culture