LAZNIA 1 2017 Exhibition: „Kwas 2” by Monika Drożyńska
Monika Drożyńska
Opening: 16th July 6 p.m.
Wystawa: 16th July –10th September 2017
LAZNIA 1 Centre for Contemporary Art, Jaskółcza 1, Gdańsk Dolne Miasto
Curators: Agnieszka Kulazińska-Grobis, Aleksandra Księżopolska
An exhibition of Monika Drożyńska "Кwas 2" will be presenting works about collective identity and what shape it. The presentation is a continuation of the exhibition "Kwas", which took place in the Artifex Gallery in Vilnius at the turn of August and September 2016. Part of the exhibition was a few days workshops, during which "Flag 4" was created. Participants from Poland and Lithuania embroidered the flag with numerals, proverbs and sentences, which talk about complicated Polish-Lithuanian relations. During embroidering, there were some difficult situations that will be seen in the accompanying film.
Within the exhibition for Łaźnia the artist will present a part of her project "Flags". These are four embroidery work. Two of them are accompanied by video reports of the meetings during which they were formed. "Table set" is an installation, part of which is a flag formed in the fermentation process of the beetroot sourdough. The artist in her project focuses on the process of interactive and dialogue-based creation. Only two of the flags were created exclusively by Drożyńska. In other cases co-creators applied their own perspective to their work. Drożyńska's artistic activity deals with issues which are troublesome for public. However, we do not get specific interpretations or answers to questions that arise while viewing her work.
The title has a double meaning. On one hand, fermentation is a biological process, so can we and our identity be understood as a bottom-up organic entity triggered by meetings and conversations? On the other hand, the interpersonal relations, which are closed in tight confines, are toxic (acidic), fermented. Eastern Europe is also famous for its fermentations: cabbage, cucumbers, bread. It is our heritage and our contribution to culture. It's something we have in common. Fermenting is a part of our identity.
Municipal Institution of Culture