LAZNIA 2 2017 Invisible architectures - research workshop | OPEN CALL
When speaking about collective memory we necessarily come to speak about space, because ‘memory needs places and tends toward spatialization’, as Jan Assmann says. To enter the shard memory, events - recent and far, intimate or historical - have to find a place, to be associated to a site, even it doesn’t exist anymore or it has been transformed over the time. 
The workshop is composed by two phases. The first part is dedicated to collect and elaborate upon memories related to moments of biographical or historical transitions. The second part focuses on the effort of locating these memories in their ‘invisible’ architecture through narration and performance, through delicate gestures, dance scores and oral ekphrasis. 
This workshop is the opportunity to share our current research, both theoretical and performative, and at the same time a way to look for collaborators for our next performance to be presented at PGS, Sopot, in September. 
Please note:
- the workshop is open to dancers and performers, dramaturgs and writers 
- there are no limitation towards the age nor gender
- a good knowledge of English is required
- bring comfortable clothes
- workshops are for free, please e-mail: to confirm your participation
Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola (IT/BE) are an artist and curator duo currently in residency at CCA - Laznia. They create collective services and educational devices for communities and cultural institutions. For their residency they are working on transcultural and transhistorical narrations (body/voice/movement) conceived by and for Gdansk citizenship, on the border between the museum and the public spaces. 'Invisible architectures' workshop is part of this research. Basani and Ciresola are developing their residency in the frames of the international project “Artecitya”, financed by the European program Creative Europe 2014-2020.
Municipal Institution of Culture