LAZNIA 2 2017 - OPEN CALL: What does Gdańsk mean to you? – share your story
Gdansk citizens, how does your Gdansk look like? What is your personal connection with the city? Is there something magical, mysterious in it? Melancholic or dark? Which places have good or bad connotations? Tell us about it. We are interested in your stories, old or new, autobiographical and not. We want to find out about your life in Gdansk. Write us to participate – everyone is welcomed and free to join the project  the way he or she prefers and your stories can remain anonymous, if you wish so.

We are Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola - an artist and curator duo currently in residency at LAZNIA CCA. In mid-October this year we would like to create a unique space, “Gallery of Gdansk stories” will be opened to everyone which will present your stories in a form of a temporary exhibition , where specially crafted items will reflect your stories.
We can organize individual or group meetings in a cosy atmosphere in order to get to know each other and explain our idea in more details. If you are interested in participating, please contact us till the end of September: No age, sex, culture limits. We can speak Polish, English, French, Italian and Dutch.
Municipal Institution of Culture