Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia 2
5 Strajku Dokerów st, Gdańsk Nowy Port

12.08.2017 (Saturday), 8 pm
Free entry
Curator: Michał Porwet

IXORA, that is Gaap Kvlt and Micromelancolié. The characteristic features of a plant called ixora are, among others, evergreen shrubs and magnificent inflorescences. We think about IXORA music in a similiar way. We believe that over time it will not lose its freshness and will allow the audience to sink in the sound and find something new every time. Africa, Asia and tropical areas in the Pacific are the main inspirations for us.

As part of the BOTANICA project, the mysterious musician hides - and not only - in a jungle of tropical green, perfectly combining sounds of wild nature with dub techno and micro house. Sometimes it will be sound design, and sometimes a characteristic rhythmic motif.

MICROMELANCHOLIÉ (Robert Skrzyński) is a looped structure obtained with the help of microsamples, sounds found, field recordings and feedback. Micromelancholié is a worldwide album and cassette project and shows at many festivals, both in Poland and abroad.
Municipal Institution of Culture