LAZNIA 1 2017 - In Progress: Second Woman
19th October 2017 (Thursday), 8 pm
Laznia 1 CCA, Gdańsk, Jaskółcza 1
Free entry

Curator: Michał Porwet

Second Woman, hailing from New Orleans, is a collaborative project featuring Turk Dietrich of Belong and Joshua Eustis of Telefon Tel Aviv, both veterans of the US experimental scene having worked together for twenty years in various guises. Second Woman is futuristic electronic music fusing the coveted genetics of the duos respective previous endeavours into an alluring new enigma of ASMR-inducing kaleidoscopic dub. Second Woman is a fully realized entity; the duo take influences as disparate as ambient and footwork and create beat-driven music that plays with time in mind-bending ways, recalling the precision of artists like Mark Fell and Theo Burt, but also the inky depth of dub techno titans Basic Channel. The deliberation and control over every particle is obsessive, but the end results of each individual track unfold with an organic temperament unparalleled in a grid-locked world of DAW shaped musics and rat's-nest modular aleatory. Words fail where essential sonics are concerned, and this vital new creation speaks for itself.
Municipal Institution of Culture