LAZNIA 2 2017 - OPEN CALL: Chernobyl memories
Artistic residencies in Center for Contemporary Art LAZNIA
Elise Alloin
My name is Elise Alloin. I came to Poland from France for a few months for an artistic residency in LAZNIA CCA.

I would be very happy to meet Polish people with a memory of the arriving dustcloud from the Chernobyl accident, here, on the Baltic coast, in 1986 April 26th and 27th.

⚛️ Did you see it arriving ?
⚛️ Did you notice something special that days?
⚛️ Did you take any pictures of the phenomena, without knowing yet what was going on ?

My artistic work focuses on the relationship one develops with radioactivity. This nuclear accident as been, 30 years ago, an important fact in our common consciousness of the radioactive danger and effects.

I was 14, and in France it was raining very much these days. We just get laconic news from the radio, a week later, expaining that the cloud stopped at the border with Germany… Everybody understood that the government was lying, but no informations came out before weeks about the real contamination.
To my young imagination, it remains fantomatic landscapes, made of ashes.

I would like to share these memories, and discuss with you about your reactions, and the relationship you developped with this invisible physical phenomena. This will be part of an ongoing project called "Weak dose", started in 2010.

Here is a link of the modelised cloud showing the progression of radioactive cesium ashes between April 26th and May 10th.

Please, let’s meet!
Elise Alloin

📩 If you're interested in a meeting please mail us till 6th November –
Municipal Institution of Culture