2017 - Galeria Gdańsk ITD. – it is continued
1st of December | 1–5 pm | Objects & stories sale
2nd of December |10 am–3 pm | Objects & stories sale

Hala Targowa Gdańsk – Plac Dominikanski 1, Gdansk

Galeria Gdansk itd. is finally starting its tour around the city, proud of its two new precious collaborations.
It is a pleasure to announce that on the 1st and the 2nd of December, Galeria objects&stories will be on display at the beautiful Hala Targowa Gdańsk. You will find us on the ground floor, with new objects and stories, this time realized by the Centrum Integracji Społecznej w Gdańsku TPBA koło Gdańskie.

Galeria Gdańsk itd. is a project by Simone Basani and Alice Ciresola in collaboration with Gdańsk citizens, developed during the art residency at Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia.

A new occasion to adopt a Galeria object - the one you like the most! In Hala Targowa you are invited to discover all the stories Galeria has collected during the last months and take one away with you.

GALERIA GDANSK ITD. is a museum working as a shop. Or a shop working as a museum. GALERIA GDANSK ITD. shows a selection of objects designed to tell unheard or invisible narrations given by a group of Gdansk citizens, the ‘tellers’. Narrations about autobiographical turning points, personal revolts, slow realizations and self-healing decisions, ‘etcetera’, ‘I tak dalej’. Collectively they propose a ‘counter-portrait' of the city of Gdansk.

Basani and Ciresola are developing their residency within the international project Artecitya, financed within the program Creative Europe 2014-2020.
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Gdansk citizens participating in the project: Maria Arsoba, Jerzy Arsoba, Magdalena Giesek, AnastasiyaGolibroda, Bartosz Górski, Patrycja Hałka, Agata Hibner, Masza Jacko, Ryszard Kisiel, Tomasz Krystek,Aleksandra Ksiezopolska, Beata Mokosz, Vanessa Szymikowska, Marcin Żółtowski, Jasiu Zywicki, and other ones who want to stay anonymous.

Illustrators: Marta Adamus, Dana Chmielewska, Bianca Maria Fasiolo, Magdalena Giesek, Konrad Ponieważ, Bartosz Polak, Jasiu Zywicki

Project Assistant: Mona Rena Górska

Project coordinators: Aleksandra Ksiezopolska and Lila Schally-Kacprzak

Organizer: Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej Łaźnia

Special thanks to: Anna Bastrikin, Robert Dukowski, Ola Romanowska, Jasiu Zywicki and Hala Targowa Team.
Municipal Institution of Culture