LAZNIA 1 LAZNIA 2 2017 - Curators Residency
Karima Boudou (L'appartement 22's, Rabat, Maroko)
Irati Irulegi (Idensitat, Barcelona, Hiszpania)
Paz Ponce (niezależna kuratorka, Berlin / Barcelona)
4–8th December 2017
One of the aims of the gallery is to engage strategies of contemporary art in the renewal processes of the neighbourhoods. Doing so we are especially interested in the social impact of different artistic activities. We investigate and support different forms of interventions but the question of a viewer is always the crucial one. Doing so we try to engage different promotion strategies to erase a borderline between the art centre and its neighbourhood.

The processes and outcomes of a large number of residences that we have hosted over the last few years led us to many questions, doubts, hesitations. Curators residency program that is planned for Autumn 2017 offers an opportunity to bring together individuals with different experiences for a discussion, brainstorming. The main focus will be the local context  or site specificity as we find this theme both problematic and overused. We would like to question it and begin a discussion around this topic. Is it just to call it a tool for revitalisation? How can one engage in the local context when being a foreigner? Does the lack of knowledge of the local language act as an obstacle in engaging the people? How can you communicate with them? Is it possible to get engaged in a project within a month? Our doubts are built on the experiences of the accomplished residency projects, often observing artist’s struggle to develop a project.

Is the local context only a popular and attractive buzz word used by institutions, politicians and artists too often today?

Aleksandra Litorowicz Instytut Badań Przestrzeni Publicznej
Municipal Institution of Culture