LAZNIA 2 2017 - Galeria Gdańsk ITD. goes to Nowy Port
8th December 2017

CIS – ul. Floriańska 3, Gdansk Nowy Port
ŁAŹNIA 2 CCA – 5 Strajku Dokerow st, Gdansk Nowy Port

Galeria Gdańsk itd. doesn’t connect only stories about the city but people and places as well. On the 8th of December, it goes to Nowy Port and it brings you into the spaces of CIS, the center for social integration, and Łaźnia CCA, the house for contemporary art in Gdańsk and the organizer of the Galeria project. During the same evening Galeria Gdansk itd. opens its doors in both of these locations.

On this occasion, you will find a renovated selection of objects&stories with special editions produced in collaboration with the CIS. Objects&stories that you can choose and take away. Not only: we also invite you to join an intimate session of posering that questions exactly the power and the limits of choosing.


18.00 at LAZNIA 2 | Meeting and walking to CIS

18–20.00 at CIS | Market of objects&stories

from 19.30 at LAZNIA 2 | Pozowanie. Sesja/Posering session. Perfomance by Bartosz Górski and Simone Basani

***Posering sessions at 19.30–20.15–21.00.

Only four people per session admitted. Please book your seat in advance:
Municipal Institution of Culture