LAZNIA 1 2018 - With Culture: Tomasz Swoboda – Motion(less) Body. Chronophotography
25th January 2018, 7 pm
LAZNIA 1, free entry
Perhaps one of the paths of anthropology leads from anatomy to cinema. Somewhere at the end of this road – chronophotography. The artistic aura of science, the scientific aura of art: in such circumstances the end of the nineteenth century wants to capture the body in motion. Photographic morphologies of Marey, Londe or Muybridge, on the one hand, close the history of static anatomy, on the other hand they participate in the process of broadly understood body normalization. They are a black and white tale about the relationship between art, gymnastics and the automation of the production process.
Tomasz Swoboda (1977), essayist, translator, author of books. He is the holder of the "Literatura na Świecie" translation award and the Andrzej Siemek Award. Swoboda translated into Polish works of Baudelaire, Nerval, Nadar, Bataille, Leiris, Sartre, Barthes, Ricoeur, Derrida, Foucault, Caillois, Starobinski, Poulet, Richard, Vovelle, Didi-Huberman, Le Corbusier and Krystyna Szwedzka, and is a grant-holder of Centre National du Livre. He works at the Faculty of Philology, University of Gdańsk – since 2016 also in the capacity of Deputy Dean for Education. In his free time, he creates experimental music with the band Columbus Duo.

Municipal Institution of Culture