LAZNIA 1 2018 - In Progress: Radio Noise Duo
2th February 2017, 8 pm
LAZNIA 1, free entry
Curator: Michał Porwet
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Radio Noise Duo (Tomasz Misiak and Marcin Olejniczak) is looking for inspiration in electricity, radio noise and amplified everyday objects. Earlier the musicians were associated with groups like kalEka (Misiak) or Monopium (Olejniczak) - but they also had some solo projects. Radio Noise Duo is a part of Radio Noise Orchestra- still continuing initiative focused on radio noise in various artistic activities.

Tomasz Misiak – philosopher, culture expert, artist combining scientific work with artistic activity in the field of music and an art of sound. In his theoretical and artistic search, he tries to show the tension arising from the combination of analog and digital technologies which transform the noise into sound as an aesthetic phenomenon. He co-created the kalEka group, and also the ephemeral project called Radio Noise Orchestra. Currently, together with Marcin Olejniczak, he creates Radio Noise Duo. The effects of his work were shown in many concerts, festivals and exhibitions like: Audio Art in Cracow, Industrial Festival in Wroclaw, Arsenal Gallery in Poznan and BWA Gallery in Zielona Gora.

Marcin Olejniczak – sociologist, culture expert and educator. Since 1996 he has been performing and presenting intermedia projects, installations, and gives concerts (solo tours, duos and with bands). In the years 1995-2003 he co-created the Creative Group MY. Currently he is moving in the area of acoustic activities which penetrate the possibilities of postindustrial aesthetics, concrete music, neo-cabaret, free improvisation- as part of the Opiumathic and Monopium projects (together with M. Majcher). He is also fascinated by the avant-garde transversal possibilities of radio noise. He co-creates Radio Noise Duo (together with T. Misiak). He cooperates with the CKiS Gallery Wieża Ciśnień in Konin (since 2013 he is the curator of Restytucje Review).
Municipal Institution of Culture