LAZNIA 1 Dominik Lejman – Healing Loop
Exhibition: 9th March–27th May 2018
Opening: 9th March, 6 pm; free entry

ŁAŹNIA 1 Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Dolne Miasto

Curator: Jadwiga Charzyńska
Coordination: Michalina Domoń
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“Healing Loop” is the first review exhibition of Dominik Lejman in Gdansk, presenting the most important works of the artist from the last decade (among others “YoLoVi”, “Basic Training”, “PLOT” rejected project for the Polish pavillon at Venice Biennale 2017) and video fresco “Inclined Plane” specially prepared for the exhibition in LAZNIA.

The presented works are combined not only in terms of content, but also in terms of formal surgery – characteristic of Lejman’s work “switching on of light in the cinema” radically changing the sense of the discussed threads. The specific logic of works at the exhibition can be defined as “healing loop”, meaning “anesthetizing” projection in the repetition loop, depriving the force of the image for the presence of the viewer in the exhibition space.
Municipal Institution of Culture