LAZNIA 1 2018 - Elise Alloin – Performative Talk
1st March 2018, 7 pm; free entry / Parakino

The meeting will be translated

Laznia 1, Centre for Contemporary Art, Gdansk Dolne Miasto
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During the meeting Elise Alloin will focus on the dynamic of phosphor, from the Chemical industry of fertilizers to the phosphogypsum waste pile transforming the landscape in Wiślinka and the eutrophication of the Baltic Sea as a consequence. French artist will present the first step of her research, guiding us through landscape mutations.

Elise Alloin’s artistic project explores crossing points between notions of landscapes, places and radioactivity, drawing slowly the character and the outlines of the relationship we develop regarding this unperceivable force. Since its discovery, the uses our societies make of this invisible natural phenomenon induce concrete mutations in our perception of spaces and time, questioning on the relational strategies with Territory and the notions of place and memory.

Elise’s practise is a research approach, including long term collaboration with scientists and site specific interests (dismantled nuclear reactor, ANDRA research laboratory for deep ground radioactive wastes storage in France, and rehabilitated uranium mining in German Saxony (Wismut and Technical University Dresden). Her artistic forms develop through sculpture, photo, video, performances if necessary, to build up conceptual installations where the visitor becomes an integral part of it.

Elise Alloin is conducting her project within the artistic residency at Apollonia – European Art Exchanges, in frames of the artist residency exchange program initiated in 2011 by Apollonia Association in Strasbourg, City of Strasbourg, City of Gdansk and LAZNIA Centre for Contemporary Art. Previous editions of this bilateral exchange program had following participants: Ahmet Dogan, Patrick Bogner, Jia Qiu and Dorothee Haller, Yiumsiri Vantanapindu and Stéphane Clor. Among Polish artists working in Strasbourg were: Dominika Skutnik, Dorota Walentynowicz, Michał Pecko, Angelika Fojtuch, Grzegorz Stefański,  Urszula Kozak, Eliza Proszczuk.

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