LAZNIA 1 2003 - Spatial Emotion in Contemporary Art and Architecture BEWITCHED,BOTHERED AND BEWILDERED
Artists: Knut Åsdam (Norway/USA), Aziz & Cucher (USA), Monica Bonvicini (Italy/Germany), Christoph Büchel (Switzerland), James Casebere (USA), Décosterd & Rahm (Switzerland), Jan Dibbets (The Netherlands/ Italy), Urs Fischer (Switzerland), H. R. Giger (Switzerland), Katarzyna Józefowicz, Daniel Libeskind (Germany/USA), Gordon Matta-Clarke (USA), Matthias Müller (Germany), Paul Noble (UK), Markus Schinwald (Austria), Monika Sosnowska, Paul Thek (USA), Jane and Louise Wilson (UK), Steven Willats (UK).

Curators: Heike Munder and Adam Budak

The exhibition was a part of the Re:Location project. It attempted to disclose the space, reveal its less obvious, even unexpected aspects which influence human behaviour and subconsciousness. The exhibition analysed the space through the variety of its emotional shades: from the pathological spaces causing agoraphobia, the feeling of dizziness, claustrophobia, fear of heights, through the space being the source ofmental chaos, alienation and trauma, to the domestic space, the space of intimacy and tenderness. The hysterical, panic and neurotic space neighboured at the exhibition with the space of the fairylike imagination, the oneiric space, the hallucinogenic space, or even the one being an emotional aphrodisiac.
Municipal Institution of Culture