LAZNIA 1 2003 - John Coplans (USA) and Mirosław Bałka A BODY / A CIAŁO 26.09-26.10.2003
Curator: Małgorzata Lisiewicz

The project originated as a result of an artistic dialogue between the two artists. Coplans’s series of photographic self-portraits was “completed” by the sculpture designed by Bałka. It covered the gallery’s floor, as if enclosing the space of the exhibition. Bałka’s sculpture was an interpretation of Coplans’s works, and, what is more, a space for the viewer differing from the traditional one: it was a specific passage, enabling the building of the individual situations of reception by the visitor of the exhibition. Both artists, though they stem from
different cultural contexts, described the body using simple, reduced forms.
Municipal Institution of Culture