Artists: Piotr Wyrzykowski (Poland), Lars Mathisen (Denmark), Margareta Klingberg (Sweden), Dorota Podlaska, Zbigniew Wendt (Germany), Kyrill Koval (Germany), Ulric Roldanus (The Netherlands), Susan Hefuna (Germany/Egypt), Marta Deskur, Agnieszka Wołodźko, Vibeke J. Sjøvoll (Norway), R&Sie (France)

Curator: Agnieszka Wołodźko

The exhibition broached the issue of mobility – the travelling and translocating of people as phenomena characteristic of the society of the globalisation era. It attempted to answer the question about
the consequences of the present situation: To what extent does the large scale mobility and the breaking of the permanent relations with the place enrich our knowledge of the other cultures which we encounter on our way, and to what extent does it cause the feeling of alienation from the surrounding reality? How much does it increase our tolerance towards the “other”, and how much does it make us close up in the circle of people who are the closest and the most similar to ourselves? What is the effect of the daily encounters of the people stemming from differing cultures: multiculturalism or cultural uniformity? To what extent does the awareness that our living in a place is only transitory incline the change of our relation towards the creation of our own habitat?
Municipal Institution of Culture