LAZNIA 1 2007 - Roland Schefferski EMPTY IMAGES 
Curator: Magda Potorska

In his series Empty Images Roland Schefferski removed the photographs from the first pages of The Los Angeles Times and Berliner Zeitung. This simple act called forth a seemingly simple reflection: there is something missing here. Instead of just reading the newspaper and looking at the photographs, the viewer saw an empty space, or, precisely, a white, framed area. The artist left a narrow colourful frame, the trace after the cutting out of the photo – in this way the scraps of the images and words were reduced to the role of a passe-partout. An empty frame, like silence, cannot be otherwise defined than by indicating that it is the inversion of the presence of an image or sound. The artist’s act can be interpreted foremost as an invitation to fill the emptiness ourselves.
Municipal Institution of Culture