Opening of the exhibition 27.02.2009, at 6 p.m.
The goal of the exhibition is to work out a new, possibly broad perspective of the perception of postmodernism. It poses questions about the potential directions of development of contemporary art. Marek Rogulski, the author of the project and curator of the show, invited artists whose activity and works reveal interest with metaphysical dimension of life. Their works are supposed to help giving answers to the questions about mechanisms and conditions characteristic of human perception.

Beyond Postmodernism, realised since 2000 by TNS Foundation and the Centre of Research on the Inner Space examines the fields of human activity whose development provides potential finding a broader perspective of perceiving the reality, allowing for the re-evaluation of the existing viewpoint. The search involves all the aspects of human activity, realized in the intentional, behavioural, cultural and social spheres.

The exhibition shows the recent works of the participating artists – spatial installations, video art, performance, art objects, photography, as well as works and actions referring to the context of the institution exhibiting them.

Participants are: Paweł Anaszkiewicz, Michał Brzeziński, Tatiana Czekalska, Andrzej Dudek-Dürer, Carmen Feliu, Leszek Golec, Andrzej Miastkowski, Agata Michowska, Marek Rogulski, Wspólnota Leeeżeć, Marek Zygmunt.

Andrzej Dudek Durer (Wrocław) will realize large format work „ Metaphysically - Telepatic Multiplied Self-Portrait,”. In the exhibition there will also be photographs from the series “ The Art of Shoes” by the same artist. All these works refer to the process of expanding consciousness through meditation and “inner trip through time”.
Michał Brzeziński (Łódź) will present films: “AV”, “Mnemosyne” and “Passion”. The latter, which is some kind of  “ interview with internet cyber-subject” constitutes a study of contemporary postmodernism consciousness and to some extent “opens” the exhibition.
A photographic work by Carmen Feliu ( Barcelona) entitled “La dispersation” (Dispertion) will be presented in a form of small lightbox.
Agata Michowska (Poznań) will present a video “Suicide in Museum”.
The works of both of these artists introduce the problem of integration in many aspects of human mind and culture in different ways.
 In the exhibition there will also be presented the installation of artistic duo Leszek Golec/Tatiana Czekalska (Łódź), entitled “ St. Francis – 100% sculpture”. It reveals the relations between the ecological way of thinking and the attitude surpassing anthropocentric philosophy.
Paweł Anaszkiewicz (Meksyk) will present the model of the installation “Aclaración” (Clarification) in the form of video film. Another work of this artist “Kayak” is a video installation which consists of  three monitors. His works are the reflection about multidimension of the reality and individual passing.
Marek Rogulski (Gdańsk) will realize the performance “Totalizator – Breaking in Sculpture” and installation “Morning  Exercises” during the opening of the exhibition  and will also present the documentary of performance “ Movement of Energetic Body”. Works of this artist concentrate on showing the process of developing self- consciousness with reference to the processes of evolution, history and “energetic influences”.
Marek Zygmunt (Gdynia) will realize interactive installation “ Labyrinth A”, which is some kind of postulate of the necessity of breaking the routine ways of perception.
Andrzej Miastkowski and Wspólnota Leeeżeć (Łódź) will prepare expanded environment, which will be an attempt to lead audience into energetic space of “excessive consciousness”.
The exhibition will be accompanied by a concert of contemporary improvised music by Zdzisław Piernik, Michał Górczyński (Warszawa) and Rogulus X Szwelas und Gos project (Gdańsk). In New Improvisation the most important think is to raise the problem of musical perception, perception of sound and searching for tone quality, which results from the way of using instruments in the process of creation. Performers apply instrument preparation and original techniques of articulation to achieve amazing sound and sonoric quality. The main goal is to create a new language of music and to surpass the cultural models.

Curator: Marek Rogulski
Cooperation from the side of Laznia CCA: Agnieszka Wołodźko
Project realized in cooperation with TNS Foundation.
Municipal Institution of Culture