LAZNIA 1 2009 - Iwona Zając MUMMY
Curator: Agnieszka Wołodźko
The project includes a series of paintings and murals concerning the relation of the artist with her mother; of a woman and the woman of whom she is a younger clone. Discovered likeness, a curse of the youth, now is a subject of celebration. In her works, created on the basis of photos from family albums, she and her mother traces back the times of the childhood and youth of the latter.
The exhibition will be an event in process. Iwona Zając will work in place, on the walls of the attic in Laznia, the space so far inaccessible to the public. The attic, renovated and rebuilt in December 2008, will be the future working space for Laznia’s curatorial team. Murals will make for a permanent element of the room. In this way the artist implants her family into office interiors of our institution.
The growth of Mummy (Mama) project, before it was launched in Laznia, started in the USA and London. It was documented by Joanna Cichocka-Gula, film director of Gdańsk Television. The documentary This is what I look like today (Tak dzisiaj wyglądam) will be screened as an extra feature of the exhibition. Iwona Zając’s work can be followed since 6 March 2009. We encourage the audience to visit the artist, to talk with her and follow the progress of her work (12 pm-6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday). The official conclusion of the project will take place on 17 April 2009 at 6 pm. The visitors will be shown the completed work. An accompanying catalogue will be sold.

Municipal Institution of Culture