Opening of the exhibition 21.08. at 6.00 p.m.  
The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk is a long-term project aiming to create a permanent collection of works of art in urban space as well as at social and architectonic transformation of the neglected Lower City district. The project is a mile stone in the long-term process of revitalization and changing the character of the district where Laznia CCA is situated.  The works assigned for realization are chosen by international jury in regularly announced, closed competitions.
In the 3rd edition of the competition artists were invited to prepare designs for works of art situated in the space of the square at Dolna Street – the green space which comprises the terminus for the public bus no. 121. The works of the chosen artists were judged by the international jury represented by Adam Budak, Jadwiga Charzyńska, Jacek Dominiczak, Julia Draganovic, Enrico Lunghi, Bettina Steinbrügge and Norbert Weber.

The Jury, taking into the account the aesthetical and social values, suggested realising Carmen Einfinger’s piece in the space of Dolna Street. They were also immensely impressed by the sculpture by Fernando Sanchez Castillo but it turned out that the piece wouldn’t solve the question of general rearrangement of the square – that’s why they decided to appoint alternative localisation – on the corner of Sluzy and Wrobla Street next to Laznia CCA – for the piece to be erected.

Justification of the verdict:

The Scent of Color by New York artist Carmen Einfinger won the first prize of the Outdoor Gallery competition and will be realized at Dolna Square. The jury was convinced by Einfinger’s sensuous and colorful proposal, which will turn Dolna Square into a festive oasis redesigning the existing public service point (as the kiosk and the bus stop) and transforming the central alley into a garden with benches, birdhouses and a fountain. Einfinger’s proposal is a strong and unique statement which will reshape Dolna Square into a joyful meeting points for families, friendly to the environment and inviting to rest and communicate. Her artistic gesture refers to the code of pop and youth culture. The artist was also inspired by the Kameralna Restaurant’s exuberant use of color and forma – one expression of Gdansk’s longing for aesthetically sophisticated environments.

The first honorary mention was awarded to the project Amber Drops by Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer for its subtle reference to the importance of amber in building of Gdansk identity as well as for their elegant and minimalistic way of dealing with the aesthetics of Public Square

The sculpture Leader Swing by Fernando Sanchez Castillo which was awarded with the second honorary mention turns a powerful monument of an anonymous hero to a swing for children. With humor and irony, the artist comments on both the tradition of the heroisation and the absurd destruction of the symbols like it usually happens during dramatic political changes. His act of transformation brings acceptance and hope.

In the post-competition exhibition we are presenting the awarded projects: “Scent of Colour” by Carmen Einfinger (USA), “Amber Drops” by  Fred Hatt and Daniel Schlaepfer (Switzerland) and “Leader Swing” by Fernando Sanchez Castillo (Spain). Apart from them, works by the rest of artists participating in the competition i.e.: Miks Mitrevics (Latvia), Marco Godinho (Portugal), Tommi Grönlund and Petteri Nisunen (Finland), Ivan Moudov (Bulgaria) and AGREST Group (Poland), will also be displayed in the exhibition.

The competition winners will be presented with awards during the opening of the exhibition. A concert of TOWARY ZASTĘPCZE group (presentation of DOLNE MIASTO OST album) will be held after the opening.

The project is supported by Ministry of Culture and National Heritage within the framework of Artistic Events programme.

Curator: Jadwiga Charzyńska
Municipal Institution of Culture