LAZNIA 1 2010 - Helena Hadala, Katie Ohe, Greg Payce, Laurel Smith INHABITING SPACES: Tender Objects, Tender Words
Opening  11.06.2010 at 6 p.m
Curator: Bożenna Wiśniewska
Coordination: Berenika PodruckaThe artists participating in Inhabiting Spaces: Tender Objects, Tender Words were selected based on their intuitive and cognitive imprints on the places inhabited by their oeuvres.
The spaces populated by the products of the artists’ creative imagination are never treated in an anonymous or monotonous manner, rather, the artists let them live a collaborative existence.

Four Canadian artists: Helena Hadala, Greg Payce, Katie Ohe and Laurel Smith are sensitive to space and its being. The artists have each developed a unique quality of establishing a spatial dialogue between their works and the places of context. From a labor intense approach to ephemeral and transient motions, the artists’ fluency of space inhabiting is striking in its vital persuasion. Their gestures become an undercurrent of expressive power.

Hadala Coomba Road

One Monsoon

Payce Albedo Lux Seraglio video still

Payce Pantheon Verisimilus

Payce Passion sur Raison ou Raison sur Passion

Payce slide

Laurel Smith detail

Laurel Smith Monarchy of the minimal 2007 Acrylic on laser-cut aluminium
The exhibition is co-organised together with Triangle Gallery of Visual Arts in Calgary.

Municipal Institution of Culture