Curator from Bremen: Deltlef Stein
Curator from the CWS Laznia: Agnieszka Wołodźko


The exhibition is a result of collaboration between sister cities Gdańsk and Bremen. It presents self-photographs taken during artistic workshops called “The Land of Creativity” and photographs taken as part of a socio-educational project called “So sind wir” (“That’s what we are”) conducted by Michael Weisser from Bremen. The artist conducted classes in the form of casting during which a team of professional make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers, together with a group of German teenagers were working on the appearance of those young people. The professionals helped teenagers achieve such effects that, according to them, expressed their characters and beliefs best. It is then self-expression, thought appearance achieved thanks to the professional means. Such sessions resulted in printing on canvas and put on stretcher bars photographic portraits of young people. The teenagers’ statements concerning life, professed values and perception of the world are attached to the portraits.


Both projects – “The Land of Creativity” and “SO sind wir” complement each other superbly – they present two slightly different approaches to creating oneself and self-image by young people.


The office of the project called “BREMER KUNST FUR PARTNERSTADTE” is a partner of the exhibition.


Christian Weber, the President of the Bremen Parliament is a patron of the project.
This exhibition is made possible thanks to the support of Der Senator der Freined Hansestadt Bremen and the Foundation for German-Polish Cooperation (FWPN).
The project “The Land of Creativity – a research project” is partially founded as part of an Open competition for realisation of Gdańsk projects in 2010.

Municipal Institution of Culture