Opening: 20.01.2011, at 6 p.m
Curator: Anna Szynwelska

Zuzanna Janin applies modern means of expression to gain insight into human emotions and explore intimate confessions. Memories, teenage experiences, existing in the present moment as a collection of youthful rebellions, upheavals and elations are juxtaposed with the emotional realm of an adult, whose reflections tend to cling to the passing of time. Zuzanna Janin reflects upon culture, especially music, which provides an emergency exit, a survival kit, a secret place for youthful emotionality and creativity, understood as a way of finding one’s place in life. Dreaming of Speed and Adventure exhibition consists of projects the artist worked on during the last recent years. The show contains three main elements:

1. All that Music! – six simultaneously projected videos showing enthusiastic teenage musicians during rehearsals in their own bedrooms, among their own stuff;

2. Dreaming about Speed and Adventure – an arrangement of spatial installations and sculptures;

3. Majka from the Movie – a video installation based on the 1970s TV series Szaleństwo Majki Skowron [Madness of Majka Skowron], project intended to be developed into an art TV show [Zuzanna Janin starred in this TV show as a teenager].

The exhibition at Laznia will be completed by photographic series Heroines and Heroes, video Próba/Rehearsal, objects from the series Pasigraphy: Democratic Sculpture and Galaxy, and two installations: Silence and Quiet conversation.

After the opening, at 7.30 p.m., we invite you to a concert of a local band, Kiev Office. 
Municipal Institution of Culture