LAZNIA 2 2013 - 54 Degrres 24 Min Thorsten Goldberg
16 FEBRUARY – 7 APRIL 2013 
Opening: 15 February 2013, 6 p.m.
GDAŃSK - NOWY PORT, ul. Strajku Dokerów 5
Curator: Eulalia Domanowska 
The exhibition sums up twenty years of the artistic career of Thorsten Goldberg, a Berlin-based German artist specialising in art in the public space. Goldberg’s art projects, which are realised in the public space, and often refer to popular idyllic visions or the nostalgia for paradise, have been reconstructed or restored for the exhibition, and juxtaposed with drafts, sketches, and photographic documentation of unrealised artworks. Apart from historical works, the artist has also prepared several new pieces, created in 2012, for presentation. A relatively full picture of the artist’s career will be offered – a highly diverse career, since the author never attached himself to one form, characteristic style, material or medium. The exhibition will feature sculptures, objects, installations, concept drafts, photos, photomontages, drawings and projections – as well as the public-space projects themselves and the process of their creation, as well as some installations designed for interiors.

The exhibition aims at presenting the achievements of one of the most interesting artists in the field of public-space art in Europe, as confirmed by the fact that his projects have won numerous competitions and have been realised in Germany, Norway and Poland. Thorsten Goldberg actively supports the development of this field of art and discussion about it. He sits on the board that evaluates projects intended for Berlin’s public spaces, and runs an Internet site called “Public Art Wiki”, which is a repository of German art of this kind. He also shares his experiences with others, working as an educator and teaching courses and workshops in art schools in Germany and Austria.

His art is an example of innovative activity in the field of public-space art, which, since the end of the 1950s, has evolved from so-called drop sculptures, i.e. abstract sculptures located in urban spaces, through site-specific projects rooted in the context of a particular location, and social-interest projects, to projects which examine the character of a given place. Goldberg’s art can serve as an inspiration for Polish artists and people working with public-space art, as the exhibition presents the conceptual and multi-faceted dimensions of his projects, as well as the creative process itself. The exhibition is being accompanied by an extensive catalogue presenting the artist’s works, and also containing contributions by the curator and art critics, who discuss Goldberg’s art. The publication is of scholarly, promotional, as well as educational value.

The exhibition was presented in Berlin in WHITECONCEPTS Gallery (curated by Nicole Loeser) and in Neumunster in Herbert Gerisch Foundation (curated by Martin Henatsch). The exhibition is accompanied by a catalogue prepared by Herbert Gerisch Foundation.

Municipal Institution of Culture