WOMEN’S BATHHOUSE has become an annual tradition in March at Łaźnia CCA. During this month, our exhibition spaces are filled with the works of WOMEN ARTISTS. On March 8th-24th, we will once again present projects dedicated to women. This year, this will include:

Opening: 8 March 2013, 6 p.m.

Concert by PRAISED: 8 March 2012, 7 p.m.

PRAISED* is a women’s project. Folk and contemporary. Current and ages old. About what affects affect and what they can affect. Community experiences, generational rebellion, powers, infirmities, plucking feathers, clubs and trifles. New meanings arise at intersections.

Babies, feminists, mothers and singles, adolescent girls and witches, hoarse cuckoos – some come from a 19th-century village and some from a housing estate in Ursynów – all together! Praised be to them!

Our playing can be lyrical and romantic. Sometimes it’s cool and melodic. It’s diverse. Our collective includes our friends and veteran of various scenes, novices, women from the provinces, one close friend and your mother, too.

Praised be:

Maria Magdalena –  for her vocals, Jolanta Kosa Kossakowska – for her violin and vocals, Ania Mamińska –  for her fiddle, bitch, and vocals, Małgorzata Tekla Tekiel – for her bass guitar, Dominica Korzeniecka –  for her drums and noise, Basia Klicka – for her sense, frog, and backing vocals; Ewa Chomicka–  for her sense, bells, and backing vocals; Ula “fasSka” Iwińska – for her pictures, rain stump, and backing vocals; Men Dżajny – for her strings.

8-24 March 2013 Women’s Art Fair

Another opportunity to give a work of art to a loved one or to yourself as a gift. It is also a unique opportunity to see what women artists from the Tri-city are currently working on.

The work on display during the exhibition will be able for purchase

Municipal Institution of Culture