LAZNIA 1 2007 - Malina Tomaszewska I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR
8.03 - 25.03.2007
The Project involves mounting in the LAZNIA space a clothes’ shop designed in such a way as to resemble popular chain stores. The difference between the shop and its prototype is that there are going to be all my clothes on display.
The aim of the project is not to encourage the purchase of attire but to get rid of all the clothes for the time of the exhibition and to display them in a form of a spacious, realistic image.

Putting clothes on display is the act of exposure. Obviously, the display of my underwear would mean the violation of a certain borderline. That’s why it is going to be present on exhibition only as a list showing the quantity.
Therefore, for the time of the exhibition I oblige myself to limit my wardrobe to one dress and the necessary outer clothing providing some warmth.

The idea of displaying one’s clothes is also an attempt to analyze the phenomenon of property.
Identification with clothes is interesting but addiction to them is somehow worrying. Accumulation is supposed to provide the freedom of prosperity but it creates the captivity of excess.

I wonder what makes bright and elegant shops seduce crowds of people and charm millions with their space. While ‘real’ and ‘non-commercial’ art galleries are empty, people spend their free time in shopping centres. This might be a slander for artists or a challenge for modern art.

We are witnessing changes hidden in the names of ideas; ‘gallery’ is no longer an unambiguous word. Perhaps in this way the meaning of everyday items seen as elements of true art is more prominent and at the same time of works of art and artists as products of common sale.
Curator: Karolina Grabowicz.
Municipal Institution of Culture