LAZNIA 1 2007 - Leszek Szczasny TOWARDS SILENCE
6.06.2007 - 8.07.2007
„The source of the project is a positive and setting free spiritual breakthrough, which I experienced a few years ago. The idea, however, evolved for a long time and was not born in a present form at the very beginning. Its form changes a bit everytime anyway, due to the existing circumstances. I also listen very carefully to the reactions of the audience.
The core idea remains unchanged as the meeting with the absence of sound is an act whose aim is to appreciate silence, which has been scrupulously pushed aside. This activity or rather non-activity is to protect the deep meanings created within the area of the silence. And to protect the meanings from the tumult of irrelevant words, unnecessary information and contentious issues. This is a reminder of a meaningful silence, coming back to what was at the beginning.” - Leszek Szczasny
"Towards Silence" Project was exhibited for the first time in Warsaw in Zuzanna Janin’s  Lokal_30 (October 2005), for the second time in Lodz as an accompanying event (a peculiar counterpoint) of the II Artistic Meetings
Aspects: "Generation Porno" (November 2006), and for the third time in Szczecin in the Officyna Gallery (April-May 2007).

Leszek Szczasny – from Raciborz, Poland, an UJ graduate in political science and philosophy, a keen traveller, social and cultural animator (a member of Raciborz Cultural Association ASK), a poet from time to time.

Curator: Karolina Grabowicz.
Municipal Institution of Culture