LAZNIA 1 2008 - Tomasz Partyka, Dominik Jagodziński, Justyna Scheuring, Martyna Zdanowicz
05.10- 18.11.2007
Exhibition opens on October 5, 2007 at 6pm

At once we will present three individual exhibitions of young artists.

Tomasz Partyka, From time immemorial
The artist graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań last year. His pictures escape traditional categories used for painting as genre, be they stylistic or aesthetic. Hurriedly painted, unpolished, they evoke impressions of Expressionism or coarseness of urban murals; at other times however, they impress with thorough "realistic" representations which tempt to be assigned to the trends of contemporary young "realists". Yet the painter himself does not seem to be actually interested in the nuances of the artisanship. Painting serves him as a method of taking quick notes of observations, briefly and often humorously formulated. Canvases covered with inscriptions making up texts which are only partly ligible impose the way of reading trespassing purely visual experience. The source of absurd yet tempting associations is the superficial and often unconscious manner of perceiving the reality.
The exhibition is organized in a co-operation with Le Guern Gallery.

Dominik Jagodziński, 120x
Video recording, by use of 120x digital zoom, enables to film objects otherwise beyond the possibilities of human sight. The use of such large zoom causes distortion of the image and so it resembles Impressionist painting. The aesthetics of error of digital recording becomes the value of such films, creating a pioneering visual expression of the observed world. Film stills, enlarged and exposed as pictures accompanying the film, correspond with the video, inciting a play with the viewer as they balance between ligibility and illigibility of the image. 120x immediately inspires questions about the boundaries between painting and video art.

Justyna Scheuring, Performance
The artist graduated from Academy of Fine Arts in Poznań. In frames of her project, she undertakes an attempt to find such a localisation/body versus the architecture, which could be a basis for the planned performance.
Municipal Institution of Culture