LAZNIA 1 2010 - Jakub Pieleszek, TAMAGOTCHI
Painting / installation
25.06 – 25.07.2010
Opening 25.06 at 6 p.m
Tamagotchi is an electronic toy, a virtual animal to be taken care of, created in Japan by Aki Maita. It became massively popular in the second half of the 1990s. It resembles a small-sized plastic egg with three little buttons and a LCD display. The toy is driven by a simple built-in computer. Tamagotchi gave its name to the exhibition of Jakub Pieleszek, artist and painter. His art is defined, on the one hand, by the passion of collecting things, and, on the other hand, by the experimenting with the material. Anything can become the topic of his works: vehicles, animals, signs, or a character from a Japanese toy.

The 2010 Incubator programme edition is co-financed by the Gdańsk City Hall.


Municipal Institution of Culture