LAZNIA 1 2010 - Zorka Wollny, Anna Szwajgier PERFORMANCE
09.12.2010, at 7 p.m. 
Every place we find ourselves in is subject to our intuitional perception. We attempt an unconscious dialog with the surrounding space. It imposes certain gestures, behaviour and answers to which our body simply subjects itself. While being in a group, we are also aware of the judgmental looks made by others. Our behaviour is the resultant of the roles we play and the stimuli, as well as signals coming from the surroundings. In that case: where should one place one’s authentic self?

Zorka Wollny is interested in people, their movement between the superficial and authentic. The artist himself claims that: “I’m interested in the role, its duality, what is the place which establishes an individual in society and what is its relation with “being yourself”, with feeling authenticity”. In the video, just like in the performance, Zorka uses ordinary, instinctive situations to capture moments in which we stop being ourselves and, more or less consciously, we play a role; from a simple adjustment of make-up to moments, where our actions are guided by social norms, customs or just by architecture. 

Photographs   Adam.T.Burton.
Municipal Institution of Culture